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In Uncategorized on January 17, 2013 at 10:01 am

I met my ex boy friend online. This must have been a one out of a million chance. Yes I know the commercials promise everlasting love. They show you can spark with someone. But it has not been the reality. Since my breakup I have tried OkCupid multiple times, J-Date and now Match. BARF

The guys NEVER ever look like their pictures. Or they lie about their height. Or they are dull and boring. Your online persona can definitely be much more interesting than what you’re bringing to the date table. The last two dates were OKAY….I mean I could go on another date with each of them. They are a stark contrast of one another. One is very intelligent, articulate, ambitious and more settled. But the looks are lacking. The other is good old MidWest white bread tall and bulky. But dull. Not smart enough

There was something missing.

Each time I feel like these men really have redeeming qualities. I SHOULD at least see them again. Or use them for sex. But I have no desire. Non whatsoever. I just want someone to bring what I bring to the table and I have yet to meet that.

At least I am learning what I want. The dating and meeting parting is becoming much less fun and exciting. But I am honing in on what I really want and what is important. Intelligence. This is key. Personality. Sense of humor. Ambition. Kindness. Yes I want height and looks too. But I think the other characteristics are by FAR so much more important.

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