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In Goals on February 26, 2012 at 8:24 am

Writing it down, might lend itself to actually making progress on who I want to become:

 “To be the kind of person you want to be and to have the peace of mind that you crave, you have to make those your primary focuses day in and day out.”-my new favorite blogger :

-No more than 1 hour of couch/mindless lying around, watching TV: unless of course I’m SICK like today or am with someone

-No more pot: I have a hard time not bingeing as it is. Adding a substance that leads to bingeing is really unnecessary. Only time this is okay is never

-Three drink maximum for the next 90 days. OOH SCARY CAN YOU DO IT? This means staying present in reality and not numbing out from life. My over-arching goal is to get back in shape. Binge drinking, followed by a day of poor eating doesn’t help this goal. The drink maximum should help. No excuses

-Ninety day marriage to my goal of getting back in shape. 90 days. NINETY days. Anyone can do anything for ninety days.

-Follow the 3 day rule. I know what this means.

-Continued focus at work. Relentless follow up and hard work. Continue proving myself

-Go to bed early. ESPECIALLY when my body is asking for it. Like tonight. 10pm max for most weeknights

-Research travels: 1 month in central america, south america and indonesia/india?

-Talk less. Think more. Breathe. Don’t react. Be patient. And Kind

I feel better.