Anonymous 20-Something

At first having a public blog was exciting, but I then I realized just how public the internet really is. Any word that I write can be traced back to me, at any time. Forever. My initial goal and interest was to write about health. Overcoming disordered eating.  My love for working out. Health. Recipes. But then I realized that was only one side to me. One small tiny side. The truth is I  am a 28 year old single blonde attractive female living in San Francisco. I guess what I want more than anything, is a online diary. I love writing. I love the idea of writing something someone will enjoy, bookmark, share and learn from. That something is far more than just about health. It also requires complete lack of inhibition. Nothing but the truth. I found I couldn’t allow that type of open-ness on my last blog. Not with the potential for future employers, colleagues, and others to read and mistake my crass sense of humor, blunt opinions and wild adventures. It’s not worth the risk. Plus with a hidden identity, it’s far more mysterious. Even sexy. Which is one hundred percent me.

So this space will chronicle my musings of anything from random blind dates, troubles at work, friendships, plans for my future. I grew up reading every single book I could get my hands on. Well, more specifically any book that fell into the ‘chic lit’ category. There was something so unbelievably captivating to me about a story of  a female heroine overcoming adversity, love troubles and coming out happy and beautiful and living the happily ever after life. Now, I think these books might have done more damage than good, because growing up in my twenties, has not been one fun ride. Or Sex and the City episode. It’s far more real, with a lot of pain, confusion, heart-ache and work. Lots of effort to get that high powered job, wear those little expensive suits, and have the most handsome man fall at your feet.

That’s okay though. Where I am today is OK with realizing that the purpose of life is to enjoy it. Live it fulfilled. I want to chronicle that passage here. Because while I am facing the daily fight, the journey along the way is hilarious and worth sharing.

Hope you enjoy!


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