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I never thought I would make it through TWO years of commuting to my job. I remember how scared I was, how miserable and how I wanted to quit. But I stuck with it and things really improved. We changed offices, I got to sit next to some amazing people who I had an absolute blast with. I also had an incredible year, becoming number ONE out of 70 reps closing 150% of my quota. Soon the two hour drive wasn’t as painful.

I adjusted.

It’s a testament to the human mind body and spirit. We can adapt to anything really. Good and bad. I just finished the book about Habits and how they affect us personally and professionally. Habits are formed very simply. There is a cue/trigger, we follow a routine and get the reward. The key is to understand what the reward really is or means. Change the routine and isolate the cue if you want to find out what is triggering you.

I’ve been trying to break this food overeating emotional boredom bullshit nonsense binge eat sit on couch eat because thats all I know how to do best friend with food all I do is sit. FOR A LONG TIME. Part of it is wanting to quit. Deep down, away from the animal habit brain driving this behavior, I DO WANT TO QUIT. But I am so adjusted to being this way its painful to stop.

Here is where experience comes from. I simply need to realize that I will be able to adjust to a life without obsession over food. I will be able to find other ways to fill myself, fill the void, fill the emotional hunger, space without food. There will be a painful miserable hard time, but I will adapt. I will change and more than likely. Actually for sure I will see major success and happiness.

I need to go through this. I need to withdraw and detox and be done with it. I need to move on from food.
Sugar is a big huge major trigger. I think making a concerted effort to avoid it completely will be helpful in this initial detox

21 days to begin

I need to string along 21 day. 

I can do this. It’s my year to drop this bad habit. I am strong, I have been through tougher things.

I am completely capable of this


TO my success!
because I work in SF now. I’ll be out and about. Being heavy WEIGHS YOU DOWN SO MUCH. Light fit happy glowing healthy is so much better

sugar is not that good. You really get over

Time to move on and ditch the food

Time to eat and be done with it. Time to find other ways to fill my time.

The end


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